Water Treatment & Distribution

Water Treatment Plant  

2021 Water Quality Report, click here

The City of Lowell water treatment and filtration plant was dedicated on October 8, 1977. Since that time the City of Lowell has made it a priority to supply the citizens with safe and clean drinking water.

The treated water provides, Lime softening, Chlorination and Fluoridation. The average water usage in one year is 213.23 million gallons. The maximum amount that can be treated daily is 1.75 million gallons.

In 2003 the City of Lowell, Lowell and Vergennes townships representatives worked together to implement a Wellhead Protection Program to protect the municipal drinking water. In 2005, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recognized and approved our Wellhead Protection Program.

Water Distribution
The water distribution system is the essential link between the water supply and the consumer. It is not just the water main that runs down the street. It is an elaborate conveyance system that allows water to be moved through miles of piping before reaching your tap. Pumps allow water to move through the system, valves allow water pressure and flow direction to be regulated along the way.

The water distribution department is responsible for the maintenance of water mains, water services to the curb stop box, water meters, fire hydrants, water valves, and backflow devices to ensure that treated water is delivered safely to your tap.

Around 24 miles of water main delivers water to more than 1,300 residential and commercial customers within our service area. Water mains vary in size from 2 inch to 16 inches in diameter. Approximately 265 hydrants, 500 valves, 30 cross connection devices, a 800,000 gallon storage tank and pumping station on Gee Dr; a 500,000 gallon storage tank and pumping station on Shepard Dr. complete the distribution network.