Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works can reached by phone at (616) 897-8457.  The Department of Public Works is located at 217 S. Hudson Street; however, the building isn't generally staffed for public visits.  The best way to contact the DPW is to contact City Hall by phone, or by email (

The Department of Public Works operates with seven full time employees and is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of municipal properties, streets, utilities, equipment, parks, parking lots and the cemetery.  The Director of Public Works provides leadership of the Department of Public Works, establishes staffing levels, sets goals and oversees department budgets.  The Public Works Director also works closely with and represents the department at the Arbor Board, Parks Board and Downtown Development Authority meetings.  

Infrastructure Statistics:

Local Streets - 13.4 miles
Major Streets - 6.9 miles
Water Main - 26 miles
Fire Hydrants - 256
Sanitary Sewer Main - 21 miles
Storm Sewer Main - 25 miles
Parklands - 176 acres

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