Firearm Purchase Permit

Purchase Permit Application.  

A Firearm Purchase Permit allows the holder to legally purchase a handgun.  It is a permit required by the state and federal government.

If you are buying a handgun from a private party, a Firearm Purchase Permit is required.  To obtain a purchase permit you can go to any law enforcement agency in the State of Michigan or click here.  You will need a valid Michigan Driver's License or a Michigan State I.D.  displaying your current address to apply.

If you are buying a handgun from an authorized dealer, you do not need a purchase permit, you can go directly to the dealer. 

To process a Firearm Purchase Permit, you must make an appointment by calling (616) 897-7120, and appear in person at the Lowell Police Department, between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

There is no cost for the permit.  A Firearm Purchase Permit is valid for 30 days.  The Licensing Authority Copy must be returned to  the Lowell Police Department within 10 days of the day you purchased your handgun.  You are no longer required to bring your handgun to the Police Department for a safety inspection. 

All Concealed Pistol License applications are handled through the Kent County Clerk's Office.