McMahon Park

This park, located at the north end of Shepard Drive was formally known as “Reservoir Hill Park” as it is adjacent to the City’s first water reservoir. 

The park was created in 1933.  Mr. McMahon was the Superintendent of Lowell Light and Power at the time and he thought the area would be a great place for people to enjoy the scenery overlooking the City of Lowell.  The City provided picnic tables in the park, and residents came out to the park to enjoy their dinner and the summer sunsets.  In 1959, upon the retirement of Mr. McMahon after 50 years of service to the City, the Lowell Council renamed the area near the Lowell Water Reservoir to be officially designated as Frank J. McMahon Park. 

This quiet park offers a couple benches and a grassy area.  The hillside along the water reservoir can be used for sledding.  It is a perfect place to spend time reading, meditating, or just enjoying the day.